Open View Theism won the debate over Classical Theism (Calvinism)?

Theology Online recently ended a 10-round debate entitled Openness Theology – Does God Know Your Entire Future? between Bob Enyard (OVT), pastor of Denver Bible Church and Professor Samuel Lamerson (CT), Bob Jones University, B.A.; Knox Theological Seminary, M.Div., magnacumlaude; Trinity International University, Ph.D.

Of course, we all know that winning in a debate doesn’t make your view correct. But from the looks of it, the kind of arguments and evidences that were presented, Open View Theism has its place in Christian theology and a need to carefully reconsider our theological standing is in place.

Try to read the debate. It will take you days, but if you like investigating and reading theology, you’ll enjoy it, I can assure you. It’s worth it.

  • Keith Meyers

    My name is Keith Meyers (B.A., MDiv). I have written a two volume systematic theology set, containing support for the open view. I thought you might like to peruse it: