Google mail alias

Gmail is getting better and better!

I liked Gmail from the very start. I like the search functionality, the speed, the capacity. One feature, though, that is keeping me from using it for business purposes is its lack of ability to give “alias” to each emails I send. Alias is a feature that allows you to send email as if you’re not sending it from a free web based email service. That means, the best that I can do is to forward my corporate email ( or my church email ( to gmail or use a different mail client e.g., MS Outlook Express to maintain those emails so that the receipient will feel “corporate” one way or another by receiving a “corporate” email. In fairness to Google, no company — not Yahoo! Mail, not anyone — offers that kind of feature.

But here comes the wave! Google Mail has a new feature. You can now add as many “send mail as:” (or alias) to your gmail account. This means a lot to me because this will stop me from sending my corporate and church email identity (or from any important email address identity for that matter) from other sources and simply pipe all these emails to my Google Mail account (which, as of writing, has 2.6 GB of space). Can you imagine what kind of benefit this means to heavy email users?

Next feature, Gmail WAP? :D