Alway Bartolome, 1968-2005

Here’s my tribute to a good friend.

Alway Bartolome, the owner of websites and past away last August at the age of 38.

Some of you may not know him, but if Adventism is your heritage, his name may ring a bell. I knew him first as the composer of the song “When I needed a friend” from the Synonayds and Friends’ album. He is also the composer of Baesa Adventist Academy hymn, I heard. I communicated with him for the first time years ago in an Adventist discussion group, FANDiscussion. And after we both left the group, and while I disagree with his semi-Arian position on the God-head, we continued exchanging personal emails and lovingly discussed this matter of faith.

I remember one time he greeted me in my birthday, I think that was May 2004, through an email. I thanked him and asked him how did he know my birthday. I forgot that I signed up in his website. That was one of the rare times where I actually included my real birthday in the sign up process. Our last email exchange was only last April 2005.

I browsed over the FANDis archives and learned about the sad story. He was vacationing with his family when lung cancer was discovered. It was the kind that non-smokers get. It’s also asymthomatic so he didn’t know he already has a 3b degree cancer. After 12 days in the hospital, he went to be with the Lord.

It reminded me that life is short. I may be very healthy now, but one day may discover I have a fatalistic ailment. This is very possible in this sin-sicked world. If this happened to Alway, it can happen to everyone of us.

Death is scary. The only death scare eliminator I know is the assurance of salvation that God through Jesus has given us. We can only have that by not trusting in what we can do to earn it but by having a relationship with the our Lord and Savior. Let this be a reminder for me and for all of us.

See you later, Alway.

  • katherine delos reyes

    to tell you frankly i knw this guy.i still remmber him a simple guy with a great talents in life.he gives me some inspiration to my studies when im in Baesa .

  • Regin Reyno

    Composer of the song “Lumapit sa Kanya”