What can blogging do for you?

Following Riz’ post, let me try to type down my observations on what blogging can do to a blogger.

For some, their blog is the wall where they bounce off their ideas. It’s more a cyber listener where, if nobody is ready to listen to your weird thoughts, you will try to force everyone else to listen by posting it. ;-) That happens to me quite a lot.

Blogging also connects you to the “blogsphere” — a community of bloggers. I remember when Ganns started LiveTHELife Magazine, his writers were mostly bloggers. He found contributions from the community of bloggers. And since blogging is literary extensive, it wasn’t hard for him to pick the guys that matches the character of his magazine.

For some, it’s a way to get employment — consciously or unconsciously. Since a blog is mostly rants about what’s happening in one’s life, and if being unemployed is a big thing for you, you would definitely blog about it. And people are watching — people that may have some job openings. Good ‘eh! Incidentally, your blog can also brief your potential employer on your application. One blogger I frequently visit — in the midst of [his/her] job hunting — unknowingly applied to us for a job opening I knew [he/she] doesn’t like. How would I know? S/he blogged about it. And while I think that s/he’s very much qualified for the work, I knew that she won’t come back for the interview. S/he didn’t. But I’m glad s/he got a new job. On the other hand, blogging can also make you loose your job, just like what happened with a Friendster project manager.

Blogging is a great way to research. If I want to get links from people the discusses the Reformed Theology, Brownpau is the place to be. What’s happening with Christians in the south? Keren Tan can provide you with photos and more info. (Incidentally, she’s in Manila right now studying in a theological seminary).

In my case, this blog has not only given me space to gather my spilled thoughts, but also allows me to connect with different people. Former and active Adventists, highschool and college classmates, relatives, linux enthusiasts, people looking for gmail invites — name it, they visited me here.

Blogging is addicting if you come to think of it. It can also be a theraphy for workaholics. The latter was for me.

So, if you want to get started blogging, here’s what you need:

  • A free blogging account ie. from Bloggers.com, or
  • If you want flexibility, you can use a blogging software like WordPress, and host it in a low cost shared hosting solution.