The beauty that is Debian

I had to let go of Mandrake, to which the team is married for 3 years (we also divorced Redhat after a year of using it before that). The reason: it simply is very hard to update the software — in our case, updating MySQL to the latest 4.1 version. I learned from readings that URMPI can do that, but I tried for two days, and it just wouldn’t work — or am I just doing it wrong. In anycase, we’re leaving.

Now, here comes Debian and the sooo cool apt-get function. I downloaded a very lean 100 mb CD Install ISO. Installed it on a second hand PC and after an hour, I have the system ready. Since it is connected to the internet via our local area gateway, I installed all other needed software via the apt-get feature.

1. Update the system.
% apt-get upgrade

2. Install SSH Server (for my remote access, installation while sipping coffee)
% apt-get install ssh

3. Install Database Server
% apt-get install mysql-server-4.1

4. Install Apache HTTP Server
% apt-get install apache2

5. Install PHP for Apache
% apt-get install php4

6. Install MYSQL for Apache
% apt-get install libapache2-mod-auth-mysql
% apt-get install php4-mysql

7. Install SAMBA (for local area network file sharing)
% apt-get install samba

I ended up installing other unnecessary software like Imagemagick and Firebird Database in my excitement. I have the server ready after 3 hours — that is spent not for configuring the system, but only for downloading the files.

The result:

  • A very lean server — only the needed applications are installed
  • If ever there will be a need to upgrade any of the installed software, all I need to do is call ‘apt-get’ and she will take care of the rest.

Really cool. Makes me concentrate on business not on the server configurations. I’m now happily married to Debian. I mean, the linux distro Debian, of course. :D