Why not Noli de Castro (part 2)

A welcome discussion with Ganns from his blog. He made reference to my previous blog post discussing why Noli de Castro can be a good president contrary to the doubts of what I assume as the majority of the middle class.

First, let me clarify that I’m not dead serious (and passionate) in supporting and promoting a Noli de Castro presidency as much as I was with then candidate Bro. Eddie Villanueva (whom, on a different note, I am starting to dislike for his insinuations that he is still the best “presidentiable” around). I’m just trying to support the idea that the best constitutional alternative is possible — de Castro being ready to assume the post if ever Gloria resigns.

I like what Senator Lacson said in an ANC interview. He was asked if he has problems with a de Castro presidency. As an oppositionist that he is, I’m surprised by his answer. He said, he is the constitutional successor so let him be the president. And I believe that that’s the only error-free, non-bloody and feasible alternative to solve the present political crisis.

Having said that, I think Ganns doesn’t like de Castro for 2 reasons, 1) his alleged involvement in extortion as a broadcaster, and 2) his perceived inability to lead

I’m not sure with the Ozone allegations, I was in college back then and TV was only accessible on weekend in my dormitory :D The most recent allegations I remember were those tossed on him during the election campaign. Honestly, in my opinion, because of the dirt in politics, I cannot really say if those allegations were sincere or tainted by political propaganda. If I can remember it right, the allegations last year looked very suspicious and incredible. Nonetheless, I’m not saying all the allegations are baseless. Those might be true — or not. As Ganns said, “The potential for Noli de Castro to become corrupt is as open as any other person’s, [and] Mr. De Castro and his handlers are just as crooked as anybody else out there.” Well, that’s the reality of Philippine politics. In the meantime, I am trying not to believe those, though, when accusations remain verbal, without a court case filed nor court case won.

Ganns has a point for de Castro not having the capability to lead for *just* being a broadcaster. I agree that being a broadcaster doesn’t entail you of much experience to govern or lead a group. But, really now. If we talk about capability to lead, aside from Bro. Eddie, it’s Lacson who will lead the pack. He was a PNP officer all his professional life. Not even PGMA, before becoming president, can catch up to that qualification and leadership experience.

A professor of mine from business school said, “A good leader doesn’t mean he has the ability and knowledge to do all the work. A good leader is capable of picking the right people to do the work”. I don’t know whom he quoted it from, but he does make sense to me. That’s where Erap failed. He picked the wrong people. If only he picked the right ones — and was sober most of the time — he could have been a good leader.

Add to this what Rick Warren says, “If you want to know if you’re a good leader, see if people are following you.” This is where being popular to the masses will come in. Normally, a good communicator, such as President Ronald Reagan, is a good leader — because people can relate to them and they follow. Being a broadcaster such as de Castro, I believe he has an advantage in this area.

If Noli de Castro picks the right people, stay away from dirty traditional politics and communicate well with the people, I believe that he can earn Ganns’ trust, eventually :D.

Update: While my daily dose of discussion at The Bereans Apologetics and Research Ministry forum is down (no technical people around, it’s the 4th of July), I’m getting a good one from Ganns. :D

Here’s an update based on Gann’s update. ;-)

I have to make a conclusion that, as divided our nation is at this point, so does our points of views. It does look to me that Ganns, while agreeing on some points, has an opposing view as mine as far as the capability of Vice President Noli de Castro to govern the nation. But that’s ok. That’s what demo-crazy is all about. :D We can always agree to disagree.

Let me just affirm that I agree with most of the points he made — except that I would like to take a more positive outlook. Not that Gann’s is negative (that’s not my point, bro.) Rather, I’d like to believe that there are people in the government that can still make a difference. If Noli de Castro can’t, other’s will — or better yet, should. There is still hope. While the general image of politicians among the people is overwhelmingly negative, I’d like to believe that not 100% of them are there to acquire wealth. There has to be some of them that actually care.

I’ll go for a de Castro presidency even if it’s hard to swallow for the main reason that that’s the most feasible alternative. A revolutionary government as Bro. Eddie and Gen. Abat suggested? That’s even more scary! And a military junta? Oh, man.

The reason why I refuse to believe heresays about one’s alleged involvement in corruption if there isn’t any actual case filed or won in courts for the reason that it’s hard to believe political hearsays. Look at Lacson. In 2001-2003, it looked very true that he was involved in drugs and kidnappings. It wasn’t proven, but the public perception is affected because of the allegations. So where’re allegations now?

I agree that being a good communicator doesn’t necessarily guarantee people’s following — but we cannot deny the fact that it helps. Making sacrifices? Oh, yes. That’s what every presidentiable promises, right? At the moment, I’d like to believe that he CAN sacrifice, he CAN communicate and he CAN climb a high mountain to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich — who wouldn’t want to try that if you’re really serious about becoming a servant to the nation?

The real question for everyone is — is de Castro really serious about becoming a servant? No one really knows his heart except Yahweh. For now, I’d like to believe he is. In the mean time, pressure Gloria to resign so we can later on tell Johann and Nathan that it isn’t ok to cheat.

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    Right back at’cha. ;) Come on down to the blog and see what I have to say. :D

  • http://superblessed.blogspot.com ganns

    Right back at’cha. ;) Come on down to the blog and see what I have to say. :D

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