Tag game?

Is this a tag game or what? :D Anyway, I read about Ganns passing the movie baton to Dax. Daxi is now passing it on to me. :D Before I ask 3 people answer these questions, let me answer it myself, first.

Total Number of Films I own on DVD and Video
Pirated or original? hehehe… Siguro, around 100. Should I count the Sex and the City and 24 TV series DVDs? Oh, well, they’re not classified as films.

The Last Film I Bought
Spongebob The Movie. And after watching War of the Worlds, I realized that I’ve been a Dakota Fanning fan. So I borrowed the Hide and Seek DVD from Kuya Enjel.

Five Films Which I Watch A Lot/ Mean A Lot To Me:
I watch a lot : My Best Friend’s Wedding. I really don’t know why. But I think I watched this film for more than 20 times already — from the theater, DVD/CD/Video and cable channel altogether. Since the first time I saw this film, I became a Julia Roberts fan. I also like her Notting Hill movie.

Mean a lot to me: Cinema Paradiso. If you are a movie lover, you should watch this. I can’t describe it enough, but I had real mixed emotions everytime I watch this film.

Freaky Friday. Lindsay Lohan before her sexy teen age image. I really like that guitar solo, which is actually played by Jamie Lee Curtis — as Lohan’s switched character.

Braveheart. I wish I have a DVD of this film. First time I did a research on real life, historic characters (ie. William Walace) after watching a film. Very touching, especially that part when Mel Gibson shouted Freedom!

Can I go local? Aga Muhlach and Mikee Cojuanco’s Forever. I know, I know. It’s a corny, cinderalla story. But what can I do? I’m an Aga Muhlach / Mikee Cojuanco fan back in college! :D

Five people I’m passing the baton to
DeeBeeDee, Keren, Riz

  • http://tabulas.com/~Melancholic riz

    wow kuya you found me. hehe. thanks for the tag. :)

  • http://tabulas.com/~Melancholic riz

    wow kuya you found me. hehe. thanks for the tag. :)

  • http://LindsayLohanissucha fun

    Lindsay Lohan is such a wild chick!