Back in His arms

Just a few months ago, I had my spiritual ebb. Probably due to frustrations and burnout in our church plant. Consciously, I stopped leading our praise and worship and leading our cell group. I distanced myself from church leadership. And the saddest part, I stopped my daily quiet time — as in none, zip, zero, nil.

After a couple of months, God is calling me back home. I definitely missed my relationship with him that was interrupted by the circumstances and frustrations in life. This week, I’m back with my excitement. I’m excited to spend time with him again and sit at the feel of Jesus every night. And it seems that my excitement is pushing me even better than before. Right now, one hour seems too short as compared to a stollen 20 minutes before. I am now committed to read the entire Bible in a year — something that I never saw myself doing in the past (the New Testament, yes, but Habbakuk and Zephania?)

Here’re my tools:

  • My Bible. I’ve fallen in love with New Living Translation for its easy readability. For devotional purposes and evangelistic cell groups, I use this. Recently, I am being attracted to the texts of English Standard Version. I think I’m going to get one for deeper doctrinal studies.
  • e-Sword – great software for journaling and easy access to Bible versions. This is where I got attracted with ESV. An additional feature that I like is the prayer journal management. For people like me who easily forgets, I am reminded to pray for a specific item thru this software.
  • Of course, aside from the Bible, there are references mostly books by Max Lucado, Charles Stanley, I have Greg Boyd’s “God of the Possible” given by an OVT friend of mine, and Dale Ratzlaff’s books “Sabbath In Christ” and “Cultic Doctrine of Seventh-day Adventist” (talks about the Investigative Judgement). Oh, well, too much stuff. I don’t give these things a priority, though.

Jesus, welcome me back in your arms.

  • Keren

    I must say, I got hooked to the NLT as well! ;) I’ve been using E-Sword too, the great thing about it is because it’s FREE and very useful! :D