This senator doesn’t know what she’s doing

I caught the senate jueteng inquiry yesterday on TV.

A retired general was accused by Mrs. Cam for receiving jueteng payroll. The general said, unlike the jueteng lords, he is poor. Then Mrs. Cam said, he once loaned her P100,000.

Senator Jamby Madrigal was questioning:

Jamby: General, please answer me yes or no. Can a poor man lend P100,000?

Ret. Gen: Your honor, let me explain…

Jamby: No, general. Just answer me yes or no! Can a poor man lend P100,000?

Ret Gene: Your honor, your question is…

Jamby: answer me, yes or no?

Can this question be really answered by yes or no? How poor can a guy be to be able to lend P100,000? In the first place, “poor” is relative. Relative to whom you compare the “poor”. If I will be compared to her — millionaires as their family is — I definitely am poor. But if I’m going to be compared to a sidewalk vendor earning P50 per day, that can change the whole concept what “poor” means. Tsk, tsk…

This line of questioning lasted for about a minute. Then asked the ret. general if he is willing to have his bank account opened, insinuating that if he won’t he must be guilty. Boring. I wonder if Jamby thought she is a lawyer, cross-examining a witness. You’re in a senate inquiry, madame. Your goal should be for legislation purposes. You just didn’t make sense! Neophyte error? I don’t think so.

In fact, another neophyte senator, a guy whom they thought is out of placed in the senate for swearing not to speak English (simply because he can’t) — I’m talking about former Pampanga governor and movie actor Senator Lito Lapid — did even better, he made sense in his questioning. But new comer Dick Gordon did the greatest job when he said, “We’re starting to just break each other here. How about starting to ask questions that pertains to legislation?” Then asked the clergy if he thinks legalizing jueteng is a good idea.

I’m not saying the general isn’t guilty. What I’m saying is that our congress is just becoming a stage for political propaganda and not really doing their job. Make laws, don’t play the court’s role, will yah ‘ol?