The Switch

The past few weeks mark one of the most number of switches I have made. Some of which are:

* switching mobile carriers : from being a 3 year and a half Globe subscriber to Smart. One of the reasons for my switch is Globe’s inability to retain clients. After my contract expired, I asked Globe if they have new phone unit provisions for existing clients. The answer is none. If you want to get a free phone unit, you have to get it “as a new client” — meaning, new number, additional subscription, therefore, additional cost. Who would want to take that route? Anyway, after several consultations from tech buddies in several mailing lists, I decided to apply for a cool Nokia 3230 from Smart — partly for my plan to use YehBA* for my instant messaging needs. I just got my brand new cellphone today! Yahoo! :D So, here’s my new number, folks: +639209518075.

* switching from Meridian Telekoms to Globe Broadband. After 5 years of being a loyal client of Meridian Telekoms — I believe the only microwave based broadband provider — we switched to a more traditional DSL service from Globe. So far, we’re enjoying the fast internet experience. On another twist, Meridian is negotiating to retain us. That’s what I call real good customer retention program! I mean, madali lang naman akong kausap, if they can provide the kind of bandwith we’re receiving from Globe, why not?

* switching office tables. Due to the expansion we just had, we have to maximize our office space, the main reason why we’re installing smaller yet more productive set of office/computer tables. It’s been hell in the office for about a month now. But by God’s grace, it’ll soon be over — brand new facilities will be in place.

The Switch is my other thing right now. The main thing is the spritual struggle I’m currently encountering — which is good for another post.