Adventism from a non-former Adventist’s perspective

Brownpau as he describe his encounter with Adventist theology.

If you’ll notice, this thing has been my preoccupation in the last several posts. This is not Adventist-bashing. I love my Adventist family and friends. I’m just saddend in seeing most of them being overwhelmingly covered by the clouds of legalism. And legalism has the worst effect in a person’s life, as partially outlined in this document:

Self-punishment. Legalists make vows not to sin. Then, when the vow is broken, they are plagued with guilt. Guilt drives them to perform acts of “penance” to undo the sin. The cycle goes on like this until either the sin is rationalized away (“I guess it’s not really all that bad”), or the legalists concludes that there’s just no hope for them (“hey, that’s just the way I am–you’ll just have to accept it”).

Duty focus. The Christian life is driven by a sense of obligation. Service to others or participation in fellowship is viewed as something we “have to do.” Legalists often resent ministry, but at the same time, derive their identity from it because they get positive reinforcement.

Condemning others. Legalists are able to see all too clearly the failures of others because they are so preoccupied with their own. It makes the flesh feel better to knock your neighbor down a few notches. They exerience the momentary delusion of moral superiority.

Join me in praying for my friends and relatives so that they will see more fully the grace of God.

  • Willy Quiambao

    Dear Brownpau,

    In answer to your email, please read what I had written to Arnold Gamoba on legalism

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