The Pope and the way I look at him

The Roman Catholic church has a new pope in Cardinal Ratzinger.

The recent death of Pope John Paul II had me thinking why i can’t symphatize with my Catholic friends, even hated it when I see them *sad* about it. It can be traced back probably to my Adventist background. I saw the Pope (and the papacy as an office) as that of the devil — the 666.

I had to deal with it, I guess. Pope John Paul II is not my pope. But it’s hard to think that he is an agent of the devil simply because I understood the papacy changed the Sabbath to Sunday.

Just wanted to share some of my recent readings. No insinuations whatsoever.

*Did the Pope or the Catholic church changed the sabbath to sunday?
*Vicarius Filii Dei and 666 Debunked In here, it is said that there were no records that says Vicarius Filii Dei is not the official title. In a discussion at the Bereans Apologetics and Research Ministry, it is mentioned that the official title of the Pope is NOT Vicar of God but Vicar of Christ, which will make the Adventist computation of 666 wrong altogether.
*The Pope We Never Knew Good read from this evangelical website/magazine. I never thought that the previous Pope did help Campus Crusade for Christ enter his home country, Poland.

This is not to exalt the papacy. As I said, he is not my pope. But I guess I better change the way I think of them.