Flickr’s genius

I have known Flickr just recently thru a news item about Yahoo buying Ludicorp, Flickr’s creators. Though I heard it has been popular already for quite sometime, I have not really bothered looking at it. Until last week when I tried to find a better way of storing our digital images — especially those 100+ images on Johann’s first birthday. I did signed up (and here’s my URL). The service is amazing. Just amazing. There’s an uploader, a virtually unlimited web space (because they base their 10 MB/month limit on bandwith, not on space, meaning, if I reached my bandwith quota this month, I can just wait next month and upload another 10Mb!), there’s tags to better organize the URLs of your images, and a lot more. Speed is an issue sometimes, but hey with Yahoo on board, I guess that will improve.

Google, any response? :D