On fighting trackback spam: final update (for now)

You might be noticing by now, if you’re following this blog, that I’ve been “obsessed” in my quest to find an ultimate solution to trackback spam problem. My last posts have been regarding this. So… this would be the last for now, I think.

As I mentioned in my last “trackback” post, I upgraded WP to 1.5-gamma so I would be able to install WP-Spammassasin. Somehow, it worked. Somehow…

I’ve never received those annoying trackback pings since I installed that WordPress plugin. And so i thought everything is working out fine. Until tonight what I visited my “for approval” comment list. There I saw about 400 waiting-for-approval trackback pings. I concluded that each filltered comments/trackback is just being held back. All I need to do is to delete them.

While I was going thru the list, I saw several legitimate comments in the last 2 weeks. (So, Ganns, Irvin, Marci and the others who have commented recently, sorry guys, it’s just now that I received your comments. But I appreciate those, thanks.)

I would have to observe for another week or so. If there will be legits will still be filltered out, I would have to uninstall that plug-in. Incidentally, WordPress released version 1.5 dubbed “Strayhorn”. This release includes whitelisting of commenters. So, I guess that would work just fine. In the meantime, got to go back to no-nonsense blogging.