Glory in the ordinary

There are certain things anyone knows not to do. You don’t try to lasso a tornado. You don’t fight a lion with a toothpick. You don’t sneeze into the wind. You don’t go bear hunting with a cork gun. And you don’t send a shepherd boy to battle a giant.

You don’t, that is, unless you are out of options. Saul was. And it is when we are out of options that we are most ready for God’s surprises.

Was Saul ever surprised!

The king tried to give David some equipment. “What do you want, boy? Shield? Sword? Grenades? Rifles? A helicopter? We’ll make a Rambo out of you.”

David had something else in mind. Five smooth stones and an ordinaryleather sling.

The soldiers gasped. Saul sighed. Goliath jeered.

David swung. And God made his point. “Anyone who underestimates what God can do with the ordinary has rocks in his head.”

By Max Lucado
From The Applause of Heaven