Beauty contest for a IT pros?

Miss Digital Pinay 2005? A beauty pagent? Are you kidding me?

When I received this email/press release from the even organizer, that was my initial reaction. And, ha! Little that I know that I am in one voice with the local IT industry critics..

Philippine Computer Society is launching a search for Digial Pinay (Digital Filipina) — “a nationwide search — in both the professional and co-ed categories — for the woman who best exemplifies the qualities expected of future women leaders of the Philippine information and communications technology (ICT) industry”. (I am glad that it isn’t the Philippine Internet Commerce Society, where I’m a member of, that’s involved in this kind.)

The application form, though, includes boxes for height, weight, bust, waist and hip measurements. A beauty pagent indeed!

In this society where it is uncool for women to be fat and that getting a boob job or a nose job is normal, a beauty contest is the least needed to promote women in IT. Why, is an IT gal professional who has a Jennifer Lopez butt better than a geek-looking programmer?

Chette from the PH-Cyberview asked, “May talent portion ba? Pano to, fastest woman who can assemble a PC? Or the usual scrabble/hangman programming test? Pabilisan mag-crimp ng RJ-45?

Funny, eh? Yes, it is. Because this “beauty pagent” is just that — funny.

  • Mica Hilker

    wow she is gorgeous!!