Bigger than Feng Shui

What is bigger than luck?

I was talking with a friend yesterday. He was asking me if I want to pursue in getting the conference table he proposed for our company. I told him I’ll get a budget for that, but not later, so I can’t sign the proposal yet. He counter-proposed that I pay it later. I asked, in jest originally, “Kahit next year?” He responded, in a jestful manner, too, “Are you into Feng Shui?”

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy, which believes that the positioning and physical characteristics of a home affect the fortunes of the owner. Filipinos, on the other hand, equates Feng Shui further into tradtions which concerns ones luck in life. For instance, a Feng Shui enthusiast will be willing to get the vanity plate number “888888” for a very high price in an auction for believing that the number 8 is a lucky number. Or people will even consult a Feng Shui expert to know which dates of the year are most lucky to start a business. Or in this case, ending a year with debt is believed to be “bad Feng Shui”.

My friend was only kidding when he said that. I know. But my mouth suddenly uttered without hesitation, or even without any thinking — “My God is bigger than Feng Shui!

While both of us were just kidding around, I wonder later why some people are so addicted with Feng Shui. Is it because it offers an alternative security to this very unsecured world? Is it because it gives them “peace of mind” when thinking about an “uncertain future”? Why would people turn to Feng Shui and not to God?

I don’t have to think twice — God is bigger than luck. He is even bigger than my future. I don’t have any reasons to fear “bad Feng Shui”. It will take me more faith to have faith in luck than to have faith in a tried-and-tested God. My past experieces can testify to his faithfulness. If he has been faithful in the past, how can he not be faithful in the future? Aren’t we suppose to feel lucky to have Somebody who created luck — if there’s such a thing?

Well, we went on with the deal.