College Voice and LIVEtheLIFE Magazine

I remember back in college, I really wanted to write for our school paper (College Voice, now University Voice, I think). Year in, year out, I would see to it that I would take the qualifying exam. Year in, year out, I was always rejected. I don’t want to accept the thought that I can’t write — maybe I can. But I guess, my writing skills just didn’t come with a flare that was required by the school paper. In short — tinimbang ka, ngunit nasumpungang kulang. On my last year though, I got accepted. Only because the Editor-in-Chief is a friend of mine. haha!

I had what I call “grace awakening” sometime year 2000. I had to review my belief system. I had to read a lot of stuff, not to mention the Bible. Back in college, I was taught that to learn more from your readings, write about them — in your own words. So I started writing about what I found out as the core disagreements with my former church. I wrote about the New Covenant, the Ten Commandments, the Sabbath and almost anything that was new to me then. This gave birth to my site (that has not been updated for quite sometime),

I started blogging sometime 2002. If you’re on fire with something that you “just discovered”, you wanted everybody to know about it! I guess that’s human nature in action. The idea is to tell my Adventist relatives and friends what I am now — a non-Adventist, disciple of Jesus Christ. Oh, well, that’s not the story for this post.

I never knew that, aside from relatives and friends, other people are lurking around my blog. In fact, when I came out of shell of denominationalism, I got exposed to the whole wide perspective of Christianity. Ang dami din palang Christian, hindi lang kami, I told myself. One lurker is Ganns, a writer-blogger himself. He asked me to meet him and so I did.

This guy is on fire! I mean, not that he speaks real fast (peace, man! :) ) he has a vision — a good one. No, a great one! He resigned from his day job to start an inspirational teen magazine. And, let me say that again, he is on fire. He’s so excited.

I can relate with him, that’s why I understand him. When we started Grace Place, (former Communities of Grace Ministries), we were on fire. On fire pa rin naman ngayon. But really, the experience of staring up a ministry is exciting. There are birth pains of course. But God is awesome — he keeps us from giving up. And to start LIVEtheLIFE Magazine for him is both hard and exciting, I can imagine.

He invited me to write for the magazine. He gave me this section where kids can ask theological questions. The hard part is, it should not sound theological for obvious reasons — the readers are teenagers not pros like the Bereans.

Anyway, I accepted the invitation not for anything else but to glorify God. I guess that’s the best reason to write. When you’re immature (ah, college days?), you tend to write to glorify self. That’s the difference, I guess.

The first issue will be available on November 27 which, I heard will also be the date for the soft launch at Greenbelt 1. There’s guest singer, Kichie Nadal, who is also the cover for the first issue. I was asking myself, Who’s Kitchie? I asked my brother and my brother-in-law. I found out that she’s a cool alternative rock singer. Oh, no, I’m not that old. I’m only 29. It’s just that I’m stucked with Jazz and Hillsongs. ;)

Do get a copy of the magazine come Nov. 27. Let’s support Ganns and this wonderful ministry.