Johann updates

Ganns mentioned that one of the reasons he liked my blog is when I write about my son, Johann. Probably because he can relate with me — he’s a new dad too. Which reminds me — I have not written about him for quite a while!

So here goes.

Johann is 7 months old today. Ang bilis! A few months ago, he’s like a very fragile, tiny baby — I can’t even embrace him in the evening in bed. But now… Man! I’m getting a preview of what it’s gonna be like when he starts walking. He’ll gonna make daddy a very tired man in the malls! At 7 months, I can’t cope up with his movements — ang likot! At his peak, give it 10 mins and I’ll turn him over to his mom. Oh, well, “must be the milk”. I can now agree — breast milk is best for babies.

One night, I saw Joy in tears. Something bad happened? — I thought. I asked her why. The reason for the tears: he missed my son, that one that she can carry all day long without the kicks and the shouts and tiring roll overs. She’s excited with the jumping and walking and running Johann, of course. I myself is looking forward to that. But hey, she’s got a point. A 2 month old baby is submissive, easy to carry because he does not struggle.

God must be missing those times when we were still like a 2-month-old baby Christian, eh! Ever submissive, not struggling. But we grow. We learn to question. We learn to doubt. Nonetheless, He must be excited to see us walk on our own yet carefully following our steps so that when we fall, he can readily pick us up and assure us that everything is ok.