Life from the press box

It made sense, after someone explained it to me, why our high school football coach would always disappear in the middle of the third quarter. I remember during my first game on the varsity squad, I looked up from the sidelines and noticed that he was gone.

“Where’s the coach?” I asked a senior player.

“In the press box,” he answered.

“Getting coffee?” I asked.

“No, getting perspective.”

That makes sense, doesn’t it? Sometimes you’ve got to get away from the game to really see it.

Occasionally we need to try that on ourselves, too.

I’ve got a suggestion. Take some press-box time. Take some time (at least half a day) and get away from everything and everyone.

Take your Bible and a notebook and get a press-box view of your life. Spend much time in prayer. Meditate on God’s Word. Be quiet. Fast for the day.

I’m suggesting an intense, soul-searching day spent in reverence before God and in candid honesty with yourself. Write down your life story. Reread God’s story. Recommit your heart to your Maker.

I might mention that a day like this won’t just happen. You’ll have to pull out the calendar, elbow out a time in the schedule, and take it. Getting some press-box perspective could change the whole ball game.

Max Lucado
from “On the Anvil