The mystery of unanswered prayer

Whether it’s a personal prayer or a prayer for the ministry, ever wondered why it’s not being answered?

Most of us are familiar with this, but here’s Bill Hybels with a little twist,

“If you’ve been praying and nothing seems to be happening, think on these statements with reference to unanswered prayer.

“If the request is wrong, God will say ‘No’ to your request.

“If the timing is wrong, God might choose to say ‘Slow,’ go slow; wait.

“If you are wrong — a distinct possibility for some of us — if something is amiss in your life, maybe God will choose, instead of granting your request, to say, ‘You need to grow.’

“But if the request is right and the timing is right and you are right, chances are God will say, ‘Let’s go,’ and grant the request.”

No, Slow, Grow, Let’s go.