Spiderman 2: “There’re some things more important than your dreams”

Two consecutive movie post, eh! :-) Maybe I just miss watching movies nowadays.

Joy and I found time to watch Spider-Man yesterday. My mom visited us and offered to take care of Johann. One of those rare times, huh!

Ok, a movie is just a movie. But I think this is one of those that deliver a message — directly or indirectly. The writers did a great job. Lines like “With great power comes great responsibility” applies not just for heros but with all of us who has “powers” one way or the other — in our work place, in our homes, and in our selves. How about, “There are some things more important than your dreams”.

Christianity Today writes, “Peter Parker faces some truly challenging choices in this film, as he ponders the burden of responsibility, and how his true calling may require him to sacrifice his own personal desires. In a society saturated with movies that tell us the most important ethic is to “follow your dreams,” the Spider-Man franchise offers an admirable alternative: There is something more important, something bigger, than you and I — and in order to overcome evil with good, we will have to turn away from our personal preferences and lay down our lives for others. Hard to believe such heavy stuff can come from the comic books. But isn’t that really why this particular character has remained so popular for so long?”

Heavy stuff for a super hero movie indeed! Looking forward to another sequel.