Don’t blame us!

President Arroyo’s decision to pull out Filipino troops from the war-torn Iraq is very unpopular within the international community. The latest annoying comment came from our neighboring power house, Australia. They are blaming us, together with Spain, for heeding to the terrorists’ demand of pulling out our troops out of Iraq. After receiving threat of their own from the terrorists, they now started finger-pointing like a child blaming a playmate for causing him to stumble.

Come on, now! Don’t blame us if these terrorists are threatening you, moreso if they succeed in the threat. You have to understand that our president needs to please our people first and foremost then the international community — in that order. The decision to pull out the troops is more than just saving one person’s life — it’s a way of uniting our politically divided nation. And that act was successful in accomplishing the purpose. If it has indeed strengthen the terrorists, then let’s deal with it and solve the problem from there.

So if some bombs explode in your Olympic village, don’t finger point at us! Check your military intelligence. You’re grown ups. Don’t blame the “kids”.