Creator became a creature

A boy was once playing with his friends while his dad washes their car nearby. While playing, he saw a colony of ants going towards the water flow from his dad’s water hose. He knew they would die, so he tried to warn the ants of the coming disaster. Unfortunately, they do not seem to understand him. To this frustration, he went to his dad and told him that he wanted the ants to understand his warnings, but he didn’t know how. His dad says, “Son, the only way the ants can understand you is for you to become an ant yourself and dwell with them”.

Even if the boy becomes an ant in his effort to save them, it can never outdo what Jesus has done for us. For the boy will only become a lower form of creature (ant) from being a higher form of creature (man). What Jesus did was different. He was the creator who became a creature. He was the most precious possession of heaven. And when the Father decided that Jesus will have to leave heaven to redeem us, it’s as if heaven went bankrupt. Yet, because he loves us so much, the perfect plan has to happen. Jesus has to become a man and dwell among us. Then die so we could live.

(From the study series I’m working on right now. )