From a new convert towards becoming a disciple

I was looking around for some materials on discipleship when I stumbled upon this good article from

Just like a new born baby who needs caring for his growth, same goes for baby Christians. But most of the time, after conversion, and without a deliberate effort to follow-up and transform the new born Christian to an active follower (disciple) of Jesus, he is left in the dark like an orphan.

According to the article, there are several reasons why a mature Christian does not make a follow up:

    1. They do not choose to take the time. No deliberate effort.
    2. They do not know how. This is where the effective discipleship method comes in.
    3. They assume someone else will do it.
    4. They do not remember how it is to be young in the Christian walk and how immature and helpless a new believer feels

… which I think are true.

According to my experience, it will be really hard for a baby Christian to grow a *natural* growth without a discipler. After my conversion, It took me too long with all those twist and turns in my personal struggle to grow in Christian faith. Reason: nobody cared for me — that is, in the technical, deliberate way.

[to be continued]