Extravagant Worship – My Hillsong Experience

That was Monday, December 3, 2001 at the Ultra when I, together with some 15 guys from CGF, worship God in an extravagant manner. With the help of the Hills Community Church Praise and Worship team of Australia, we’ve experienced God in that very place.

I’ve discovered a lot of things. And these I want to share with you. These thesis are not theories anymore, I’ve experience it!

1. Honest worship is evangelism in itself.

When you worship God with all of your heart, when you praise Him with all of your might, people around you will notice it and will surely put a question in their minds. What is this guy doing? Why is he crying? He’s weird. What has God done to them that made him cry!?

Yes, even an atheist will praise God if he’s in the midst of true worshipers. Nela knows what I’m talking about, she saw one!… Even believers who has long been Christians but has not outpoured their hearts in worship to Christ yet in their life will surely worship Him when they see serious worshipers.

My cousin, who has long been a ‘traditional’ can testify to that. My friends who has been singing contemporary praises but has reservations to ‘raising their hands’ of praise or jumping or clapping because it is “wrong” did every posible way to worship God that night. They shouted, they clapped, they jumpped, they raised their hands – both of them. Because they are in he midst of a bunch of Honest Worshipers.

2. Noise is not bad at all! It’s to whom you give it to that determines whether it’s good or bad.

I have never seen such a crowd so noisy as what i saw that night. Well, 10,000+ worshipers shouting praise to God – what can you expect! It’s the first time in my entire Christian life that I shouted so loud “I love you Lord!” , “I praise your name!”, “Halleluia!”…. with all of my voice. It feels so good to praise God! Imagine all 10,000 people doing the same thing. How can the crowd of Michael Jackson out-noise these Christ-in-love worshipers.

Noise is not bad at all! After all, we all need to be noisy about what Christ has done for us so people can hear it.

3. Praise and Worship is not about personalities but it’s about a Person.

Some people perhaps went there for the reason to see the popular praise and worship leader Darlene Zchech of Hillsong Australia. But I can honestly say, I didn’t go there for that reason. I went there to praise. And as I have told my cousin, even if the scalpers outside of Ultra buys my P300 ticket for the price of P5000, I won’t give in to that offer. It’s about the experience of worshiping God with fellow believers and not about personalities.

I am sure most had the same reason as I am. Why am I sure? These people are in love with Christ and not with Darlene. I remember in the middle of the praise and worship, people started chanting “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…!!!”… In the 90s I heard the crowd shout “Ja-wors-ki, Ja-wors-ki!” in a basketball game. Some chant “Britney, Britney” in a Britney Spears concert. So these people should chant “Darlene, Darlene, Darlene” instead. But no. They praise the Person not the personalities.

Worship is a vital part of our Christian life. It’s our expresion of gratitude to what God has done in our lives. We worship God because he is the only one worthy of our praise! Now you know why Leila cries everytime we sing “Shout to the Lord”, it’s her experience with her Lord. When we sing praises, it’s the perfect time to experience Him. “Don’t just look at the ice cream, taste it!”

  • http://www.squidoo.com/life-coach-training Gabriel Rosebur

    Uhuh, although I love her to pieces I always feel sad that she deteriorated a while back.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/life-coach-training Gabriel Rosebur

    Uhuh, although I love her to pieces I always feel sad that she deteriorated a while back.